Greetings and welcome to The Temple of the Green Pygmies, my home away from home.  As of September 2018 this blog is pretty spanking brand new so bear with me as I begin to slowly add content and get a look and feel I like.  Thanks and take care!

Me, Myself, and I

Writing used to be something I did every day whether it be a physical or online journal, a hand written, typed, or electronic letter, or working on a short story or my book.  My goal is to write daily again and in doing so learn more about myself while sharing with you.

Radical Honesty

For the fifteen or so years of the previous incarnation of my blog I challenged myself to become more and more honest with myself and with you.  On retrospect I find I was guarded.  When I talked about myself I (as so many of us are guilty of) left out details to paint a prettier picture of myself.  I avoided topics I found uncomfortable, I knew would make others uncomfortable, or was otherwise concerned would negatively effect what little social life I had.  Going forward with this incarnation of The Temple I intend to embrace Radical Honesty.


Fuck is not, to me, a four letter word but a way to express ourselves.  "Community", however, has been a four letter word for much of my life.  And it has been so long that I have belonged to a community I don't rightly remember what that's like.  I hope that as readers find this site we might begin a dialog and build a new community of like minded souls looking to evolve-up to the next level.