For the purposes of this disclaimer and web site the following legal definitions apply:

Slander:  The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

Libel:  A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

In regard to this site it’s important to understand what libel is and what it isn’t.  While I am not a lawyer I will describe my understanding:  Libel is the action of writing something that is not true and is damaging to another person’s reputation.  It must fit both criteria.  For example, if I write something that upsets someone, this is not, be the legal definition, libel.  But if I write something that is a fabrication (i.e. a lie) and it upsets someone, well it still doesn’t rise to the level of libel as it doesn’t damage someone’s reputation.  For something to be libel the writer must a) fabricate and b) have quantitative impact on another’s reputation.  An example of libel would be saying someone has a drug addiction problem when they don’t resulting in them not getting a job they were interviewing for.

More information about libel can be found Libel.

Having shared that I’d also like to explain why I feel it’s important to have a disclaimer (while at the same time not having an End User Agreement like some other sites that would take even a seasoned lawyer hours to read).  It really comes down to experiences I had blogging in the past.  For example, I once went through a truly defeating experience with an x-roomate and her boyfriend which in turn lead me to loose my girlfriend.  I won’t go into the details, but at the time I was so angry that each and every person involved refused to sit down like adults and work things out in a mature fashion.  That was beyond me so finally, recognizing that none of them were interested in the truth, I sat down and blogged about it point by point, issue by issue, and did so as honestly and truthfully as possible.  Well, a few people didn’t like that and one threatened to sue.  I did end up taking that post down but not because of the threat, it was out of respect for said person and why they’d made the request.  In a court of law a judge may have had a critical view of me writing, but the case would have been dismissed on the grounds that I had not lied or fabricated a single detail.

Now that I’m fully commited to radical honesty it will be important to make clear that my reader understand what constitutes libel and what does not as I plan to fully commit myself to openness, visibility, truth, and honesty in all my writings.  I have found, in my relatively short stay on this plane of existence, that the truth has a way of pissing people off.  Well, sorry and tough noogies folks.  If you’re looking for someone who holds your same views FaceBook and Twitter are all to happy to offer you means for self-filtering the world in order to provide you a safe-cushy reality.  That is not what The Temple is about.  But be brave, maybe in keeping an open mind you’ll learn about me, you’ll learn about yourself, and if you choose to respond with comments we can together build deeper understanding. 

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