October 22, 2018 0 By pygmie1

I think fall is officially here. It was cold out this morning and a beautiful fog hung over the neighborhood. Odd really. Typically we have days like this in late September. If it weren’t for calendars or the sun going down sooner every day I’d think it was still summer. Can’t complain in regard to lawn work, though, as I’m so far behind it’s not funny (and have only felt well enough to do anything about it these last few weekends, and by the Gods am I behind!).

Money has been tight lately. Last week I paid off $1000 on my credit card (the end is within sight) and then had to pay another $1000 for the deductible on our lease due to a slight fender fuck up I was responsible for last month. Stupid, I backed up at about 2mph into a pole that was directly in my blind spot. Barely heard a crunch but did it hit exactly the wrong spot and require two main pieces of the outside of the car to be completely replaced. Thank goodness for insurance, though, or it would have been about $5000 or something crazy like that. Still, frustrating. That $1000 would have had me that much closer to having that card taken care of, and I can’t look forward to the next few paychecks doing anything to help as property taxes just landed on my desk and there’s a good chance that’ll cost $2000 or so, money I need to make up over the next few weeks. I really want to be able to pay off the card for my birthday, make that my gift to myself, but I suspect I’m going to have $1500 or so left over at that time.


Then come January it’s back to the job hunt. So this is really a race to something closer to financial stability. The amount I’m paying off every month (anywhere from $2500 to $4000) a month is really waking me up to how stupid I’ve been wish cash flow over the years. Can’t completely blame me though. When you have Lyme, when you have an inflammatory disorder, when it effects brain, when it effects your moods and your ability to make good decisions, well, you make a lot of small bad decisions and they eventually add up. No way I’m letting that happen again.

Here’s what I hope. I hope I can pay off that credit card. Then I hope I can pay off my medical bills (about $1000), my remaining Best Buy balance, and my Home Depot balance. If I can do that, if I can get any outstanding debts to those under my main bank account (house, cars, etc.), then I’m going to be feeling pretty good about myself. There’s a decent possibility I can do it. There’s also a decent chance I’m going to be shocked when tax time comes with hour much Trump has f’d things up for us middle class peons. I usually get plenty of money back but this year I get the sense that any of the perks your average home owner gets has gone the way of the do-do. I try not to think about it. Mind on the immediate goal and all that.

Things I need to try and do this week:

  1. Vote
  2. Fill out DMV forms for switching my license plates (so I can sell the Mini Cooper privately).
  3. Finish filling out the shit ton of paperwork for the new doctor I’ll be seeing next month.
  4. Suck up the leaves on the front lawn.
  5. Continue to smoke less and less every day.

Other than that I can’t say life is terribly exciting. Keeping fingers crossed that inflammation levels will continue to lower (though they went insane at the end of last week through Friday night).