The Rule Book

I shall, in the writing on this web site, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. I will always relate the truth as objectively as I am able regardless of the topic and as such will strive towards continually evolving radical honesty in my writings.
  2. I will not stear clear of uncomfortable topics.
  3. I will do my very best when being critical of a person to judge their behavior and actions, not them as an individual.
  4. I will strive to steer clear of pointlessly negative (or positive, for that matter) judgements, e.g. “That was a stupid movie,” or “That person is an idiot” except in such cases where I’m communicating a subjective emotional reaction, e.g. anger, frustration, excitement.
  5. When discussing something out in the world we all relate to, i.e. politics, culture, history, I will, whenever possible, make reference to original source materials.
  6. When discussing professional experiences no company or individual names will be used except in cases where said organization is not one I’ve directly worked for.
  7. When discussing people from my past I will use first names only.  In cases where I’m ethically required to do so (say to keep a promise) I will only use pronouns.  
  8. When discussing people from my present I will use my best judgement when to use first names or pronouns.  In general I do not intend to bring up people from my present providing any solid indication of who they might be (other than, perhaps, to themselves).
  9. I will not use my blog entries as a means of garnering power or influence over anyone except in-as-much as my thoughts and opinions might influence people’s views.
  10. I will describe myself as honestly as possible, whether those descriptions be positive or negative:  they will always be as truthfully conveyed as I am able to.

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